What Is A Major Difference Between Serviced Apartment And Hotel? Glance Here!

What Is A Major Difference Between Serviced Apartment And Hotel? Glance Here!

A Serviced Apartment Hong Kong has been growing substantially because of gaining broad customer support. Travellers have an extensively wide choice, especially in food and accommodation. Those days went away when people have only a single option in their bucket is the hotel to stay in. Nowadays, business and leisure travellers prefer to stay in a serviced apartment rather than a hotel on either a short or long trip.

What do you mean by a serviced apartment? Well, it is more like home where you will be able to get all the things fully furnished for short or long term stays. Another thing is that there are ample benefits when you choose to stay in a serviced apartment instead of a hotel, and one of them is privacy and so on. Now, I am going to delineate the significant difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel. For the same, it will help you to determine which is best for you in the following travel.

  • Price

The difference in price between a serviced apartment and a hotels is based upon your staying in it. Staying in a hotel for some days can be extremely expensive, mainly when you add up rather than dining out or room service than preparing your own food. But when the matter comes to a serviced apartment, it will reduce some significant bucks, mainly on long-term stays. Averagely, serviced apartment prices are 20-60% less than hotels. Moreover, travellers will also be benefited from cess saving in a serviced apartment for a long time.

  • Space

Generally, hotel rooms are pretty less spacious, mainly in cramped cities. However, big spacious suites might be available, but they primarily available at an exorbitant cost or at a premium. Paradoxically, a serviced apartment comes at a standard sized studio one or two or sometimes four-bedroom apartment. In this way, you can sit in any room you like to chill, relax, work and so on. The fact is that a less spacious place would be suffocated for the majority of the people. But now they have a choice and to spend the leisure or business trip nicely.

  • Equipment and furniture

Most of the hotel’s rooms render a bit more than a bath and a bed, hair drier, couch, wardrobe with dresser. A Serviced Apartment Hong Kong is completely furnished and equipped with all the basic and essential furniture you would seek in a home. You will find everything you need to do with those different types of equipment. There are many serviced apartment in which you encounter a washer or dryer.

The Final Verdict

Eventually, these are the prominent points that make a difference between serviced apartments and hotels’ features. When you keep remembering the difference between both staying, then you will never make the wrong decision. Apart from this, while going on a leisure or business trip, what matters the most is comfort, and in a serviced apartment, you will surely get flexibility.

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