What are the different types of bonuses that online casino provides?

What are the different types of bonuses that online casino provides?

The online casino provides many bonuses compared to offline casinos to attract new customers and remain bonded with their old customers. However, these bonuses can be different for various online casino websites because of their difference in their policies. For example, many casino websites give bonuses to a new customer for just making an account without depositing a minor bug only. Bonus strategy is one of the most common strategies used by an online casino website like to separate itself from a vast competition present on the online platform.

Online casino websites provide five types of standard bonuses.

Initial bonus

This is one of the most popular bonuses given by all the online casino websites to their new customer for just making a new account without any small deposit of money. The initial bonus is also called the welcome bonus. This bonus is directly transferred to the customer’s betting account and can be used as real money while placing a bet. in some cases, this bonus also has expired, which the customer must keep in mind.

Free spins

These free spins can be given to the customer randomly, depending on the customer’s luck. No matter whether the customer is old or new. These spin bonuses seem small but can make a massive difference in the winning amount carried by the customer at the end of the session. In these bonuses, free spins are given to the customer; the number of spins can be upto 50 times. The customer can use these free spins to hit the prize without spending real money on him.

Free deposit bonus

This type of bonus is given to a customer when he deposits money. This deposit can be of any amount. These bonuses can be of various percentages as per different website policies. It can be multiple of a specific number like 1,2,3,4, and 5 or even more. After this bonus, the customer gets the deposited amount multiplied by that multiple and directly in the online betting account.

Referral bonus

The fourth type is a referral, this type of bonus is given when a customer refers this link to a new customer. Then, the customer who sends the association and who got the link gets a referral bonus. So an attractive amount of money is given as a referral bonus.

Sportsbook Bonus

This type of bonus is primarily given to the customers who only place bets on the sports like baseball, football, cricket, etc.; in a sportsbook bonus, there is a limit fixed by the website; for example, the limit is between $ 20 to $200. The customers who place bets within these limits will only get this bonus, not those who bet for $19 or $201.


Before placing a single step on an online casino website by effecting from an attractive bonus or discount advertisement, the customer must check the rating and feedback of the online casino website by the other customers who have tried it.

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