Confused Which Account You Should Create With 500.Trade? Get The Solution Here!!!

Confused Which Account You Should Create With 500.Trade? Get The Solution Here!!!

Crypto currency and forex trade market has been in trend for years now but as these have been gotten off the ground, the number of online brokerage platforms has increased massively. However, it can be a little risky to choose a particular trader over the online platform to start with. Thereby, we are here with one such trustworthy broker, i.e., 500.TRADE is intending to be the best one out there in the social trade market.

You may find other websites covering the 500 trade review but here we are with our best shot to provide the maximum information about it.

What is 500.TRADE?

500. Trade is a financial broker and service provider hailing from Luxembourg in Western Europe, a landlocked country. The platform allows investors from all across the world to trade within 70 different financial markets worldwide.

Not only do they provide a platform to trade but they further have plans for their clients to educate them about trading & provide the best experience. They have their offices everywhere which assure that they might lead in the race of becoming the best brokerage social trading platform. So, now to start with the 500 trade review, let’s have a look at how many types of accounts it allows you to create.

Number of Accounts

They have a total of five accounts listing Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • Starting with the one having the lowest capital requirement out of all, i.e. Basic Account. It can be generated with a deposit of 250 Euros only where you get customer support 5 days a week, i.e., Monday – Friday. Rest you also get access to:

Education Centre to Learn

Market Reviews and analysis video daily

Pricing alerts

Pro Webinars

  • Moving onto the second account they have, i.e., a silver account which has a minimum deposit of 1000 Euros. Here in addition to the entire features similar to the basic one, it further offers a junior account manager to help, answer your queries.
  • Thereafter, we have the silver account, the most recommended of all, which starts with 5000 Euros of deposit. Other than all the perks of a basic account, you also get a welcome bonus of 20% and a senior account manager.
  • Second last is the gold account which offers you a bonus of 40% to initiate your trading with. The best part is you get a mentor to help improve your trades two times in a month, a customized dealing strategy along gold signals and spreads. You get all this in 10,000 Euros.
  • Last but not least is the account with the maximum deposit, i.e., 25,000 Euros, referred to as a platinum account It includes a 60% greeting bonus, weekly training partners, platinum signals, and platinum spreads. Here you also get a VIP account manager to help you lock your deals profitably.

With this, we mark the end of our 500 trade review hope the information will assist you in choosing what type of account you should create as per your needs.

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